She usually yearned for something like children, becoming unable to forming equal and you may important dating as the Manage Devil

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She usually yearned for something like children, becoming unable to forming equal and you may important dating as the Manage Devil

At facial skin, Makima is apparently a pleasant, comfortable, societal and amicable woman, the woman is seen almost the whole time sporting a grin with the the woman face and you may acts everyday and sure even throughout the an urgent situation. But not, this is certainly merely a facade you to definitely she spends to help you fulfil the woman ultimate goal. Pursuing the loss of Aki Hayakawa, Makima starts to inform you their correct color so you can Denji. Makima’s genuine deal with try of someone machiavellic, figuring, who sees individuals to the lady because the little more than “dogs” she will be able to fool around with as she very much like she wants and ought to obey the lady without the doubt.

not, Denji discovered an easy way to sidestep the conditions from her offer with the Best Minister out-of The japanese from the killing her in order to end the woman misery, he considered a variety of like in lieu of a keen assault

Makima may be very educated, cool and pushy. She regulation Denji from the vow off a romantic and you can sexual relationships while also intimidating him with extermination when the the guy disobeys her. High pressure and you may typically dispassionate, she’ll carry out whatever it takes to arrive their wants, also at the expense of the folks she are going to be securing.

Makima also realizes that the woman is wii individual and you will deems herself given that “necessary evil”; a weapon manageable out of Japanese authorities, identical to Gun Demon that’s manageable from Us americans. This woman is not afraid of her arrangements derail, since if or not the girl agreements fail otherwise succeed, she’s going to achieve some thing she desires.

Makima are a severe enthusiast regarding Chainsaw Man, brand new “Character out-of Hell”. Fascinated by being able to eliminate the brand new embodied concept of a demon because of consuming them, their said objective will be to render Chainsaw Child lower than the girl control so you’re able to have fun with its performance escort reviews Fremont CA in order to make an excellent community in place of anxiety, dying, and you will “bad” video. However, failure is also acceptable, whilst means getting eaten-an enthusiastic honor centered on the girl.


Makima is one of the most powerful anyone in the world of Chainsaw Guy through the woman real and you will supernatural results as a beneficial demon, together with her educated and you may manipulative identification. She is feared by the people, fiends and you may devils all over the world, and this develops the girl powers because the a demon. With respect to the Chairman of your own You, various countries and The usa have given up seeking challenge this lady.

Because a devil, Makima features all of the important demon abilities. These are generally the capability to make agreements with humans. Compliment of the woman capability to control people, she’s also capable force them to build a contract that have by herself. Makima made an agreement to your Perfect Minister away from The japanese inside return to own working for the japanese regulators. Because of this contract, any fatal periods inflicted so you can Makima is directed with the a suitable issues otherwise issue impacting a haphazard resident out of Japan. She was demonstrated to was basically test at the back of your head and you will seemingly killed, in order to stand-up after without obvious wounds. She stated that she is just grazed by the round, however, this might be unrealistic given the placement of the newest firearm when it absolutely was fired, and also the located area of the bloodstream about get off wound. Later, she are killed from the Firearm Devil immediately following it discharged an effective bullet as a consequence of this lady lead, that it definitely failed to end up their out-of. It is verified you to she ended up being murdered twenty-half a dozen times through to the assault of the Firearm Demon. Later on, this woman is plus murdered of the Pochita once or twice during their final confrontation.

Shortly after becoming ingested because of the him, she gone back to Heck and subsequently reincarnated in Asia due to the fact Nayuta because of the revival element off devils.

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